Every time we do business, something AMAZING happens

  • We believe that business has the power to change lives by giving
  • Our customers have helped to impact the lives of thousands of people

Helping People and Making a Meaningful Difference

Giving is all about genuinely making a meaningful difference in peoples lives. So that’s why we’ve formed a lifetime global partnership with B1G1.com

Here are some the charities we’ve supported around the world.

In addition to our worldwide worthy causes, our flock support countless charities in the UK, many of which are based in and around the communities of our local branches.

business for good

With B1G1, every time we do business
we give on the basis of ‘buy one, give one’




The Power To Change Lives

Business holds a responsibility to help people less fortunate. Making small impacts, consistently has the power to change lives.


When We Do Business, We Give

With B1G1 quite literally, every time we do business, we give on the basis of ‘buy one, give one’.


You’re Making A Big Difference

We’ve integrated giving activities into everything we do, by choosing us you’re helping to make a big difference

You’ve helped us make an enormous impact throughout the world

Here are just a few of the projects that you’ve helped to support


If someone enquires about viewing one of our properties, we help to provide access to lifesaving water, free from airborne disease, to people in Tigray.

We also provide fertiliser to people in India to help them grow fruit trees.


Whenever we’re asked to provide an online valuation, we help a child in Turkana by giving daily access to Vitamin A.

This is a valuable source of nutrition which helps prevent blindness.


Each time we’re invited to do a free market appraisal a child in rural India is given access to the latest E-learning facilities.

By providing quality education they’ve been giving hope of a better future, free from poverty


For every new home we list to sell or rent, we help towards the funding of a new home to a family left homeless after natural disaster.

The support has given shelter, hope and a better life for a family who have lost everything.


When somebody makes an offer to purchase one of our houses for sale, an underprivileged child in India to attends a sports development course.

This will improve their health, stimulate their education, which in turn will help them towards a brighter future.


For every tenant who applies to rent a home, we provide an underprivileged child access to free schooling.

Education is the greatest weapon against poverty and our help gives each child hope of a better future.