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Boston Estate Agents

Welcome to EweMove Boston! Let us start by introducing ourselves as your personal property experts! He's Toby, and She's Donna. We're local to the area and currently live in a village to the south of town. Toby and Donna have both grown up in and around Boston. We are both Village people at heart, having enjoyed growing up surrounded by the farming lands that wrap around our wonderful little Market Town. Donna has a history of running successful businesses around the area, with a drive and a passion for bringing joy to people, making them laugh, and delivering excellent and honest service to her customers. Over time, many of her loyal customers have become friends, and I'm sure lots of you will have seen her familiar smiley face elsewhere in the town! Toby brings extensive knowledge of the Estate Agency world with him, having worked with popular businesses in and around Boston for a number of years. Much the same as Donna, he gains genuine pleasure from making people happy! Operating with integrity, professionalism, and a dash of wit and humour, Toby prides himself on being a people person and being someone you can trust and rely on.

About Boston

Our lovely town plays host to many things that we love to do! We really enjoy walks, and as members of the RSPB and National Trust, we're spoilt for choice on where to go! Witham Park, Frampton Marsh, Freiston Shore, and a short drive opens the map even further to places like Belton House, Bolingbroke Castle, Tattershall Castle, Ostlers Plantation and many more, all within an hour, and all perfect for walks and picnics! Along with beautiful rivers to walk alongside and the array of town and village parks we have, you will never get bored of being outdoors. We also like (really like) our food, and what fantastic choices we have! If you enjoy Mexican Cuisine and cocktails like Donna does, be sure to check out Los Burritos on West Street! If locally sourced meat and veg with an expertly pulled ale is more your thing, then one of the area's stunning pubs will whet your appetite. Toby loves The Leagate Inn in New York, Ye Olde Red Lion in Bicker and The Black Bull in Kirton. If you're in the area, you must go and see what the fuss is about! The town hosts a historic traditional Market twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday), which is a must-visit for those who like amazing fresh produce, fresh local meat and bakery goods. You don't have to go far to find the world-famous Lincolnshire sausage, with long-standing good quality Butchers like Mountains, Dunhams, Dawsons and Bycrofts all in the town centre!

About Our Team

People always say we're like beans on toast, like a hand in a glove, like Cinderella's glass slipper. What we're trying to say is that we fit together in perfect harmony, and our core values and attributes complement each other perfectly.

That's what makes this work so well! We are honest, happy and fun people to be around! We both strive to give the best service we can, and both take great care and pride in successfully helping our customers and clients get exactly what they want! We can't wait to meet you, get to know you, and help you with your next home move!

So let us tell you about ourselves! I'm Toby! I've lived in Boston my entire life. Born at the Pilgrim Hospital, Windsor Bank was the first place I called home way back at the dawn of the 90s! I was educated at two different Primary Schools - attending both Hawthorn Tree and Butterwick School. I then went on to St Bedes Secondary School, which saw me leave with a decent handful of qualifications. From there, I went on to Boston College where I studied English Language, Law, Psychology, Film & Media, and Photography. I already had a keen interest in these areas but my A Levels really cemented this in.

In the adult world of work, I've been predominantly sales-orientated. Talking and listening are what I do best, so I figured, go get a job where you're literally paid to do these things! I've tried my hand at mobile phone sales, biomass boiler sales, car sales, and of course house sales. With no pun intended, houses are where I feel most at home.

And I'm Donna! I'm a little bit more travelled than Toby the hermit. I was born in Lincoln, grew up in Wrangle and was educated at a wonderful little village school. I went on to Boston High School to study my GCSEs, Boston College to study Computer Science, and then on to Leeds Met University to continue my Computer Science studies. I moved back to the county and lived in Skegness for a while, then I made Boston my home in the early 2000s. I knew from a young age that I was self-driven and independent - and that being my own boss was a dream of mine. I've worked for myself for a long time, having run cafes, restaurants, snack kiosks, and then more recently onto bigger businesses and franchises. It's hard work being your own boss, but very rewarding!

Now it's your turn! Book a quick appointment today and let us find out what makes you tick...

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