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Ebbsfleet Valley Estate Agents

Hello! It’s nice to meet you. I am Samir and I’m the Branch Director of EweMove Ebbsfleet Valley.

Though I am new to the industry this isn't an obstacle for me this is the ultimate push for my adventure that has been inspired by my love for my local community and the people who live within it.

Growing up in Greater London, Kent and now living in the heart of Ebbsfleet Valley making me a part of our beautiful Valley that continues to grow, I have become intertwined with our local community knowing it like the back of my hand. Learning the needs of the people whom I live amongst and witnessing the great potential and growth of Ebbsfleet Valley here my journey has begun and my mission initiated.

This mindset has enabled me to build strong relationships with my clients and sincere bonds with them, developing new friendships along the way. Having over a decade of experience working and communicating with people from all over the world, has provided me with a specialty that I have and I am willing to bring to this industry.

Meeting around four thousand people a month in previous roles I have now taken pleasure in meeting new people constantly in such a fast-paced environment. My unwavering commitment and admiration for a strong work ethic has helped shape the very person I am today and the business that I will run to date.

My understanding is that the core of my business is the people that live next to it and that every one of my neighbours is cherished on an individual basis and will always be welcomed with open arms. Offering top-class services backed by a multi-award winning company, I will be there with you throughout every milestone. Supporting you in perhaps some of the most important decisions in life.

Whether you're a seller or a buyer, you will have me by side bringing you a step closer to making your dream a reality. I look forward to meeting you all and changing your lives on your property journey…

Yours truly, Your friend


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