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Grantham North Estate Agents

Hi. My name is Helen Garratt, your friendly local personal agent. When I opened the first EweMove branch in Grantham in 2016, no one in the town had ever heard of us and I had never sold a house in my life! Now I feel like a local celebrity. Ask around, I've probably helped some of your neighbours find their dream homes. Though I wasn't an agent when I joined EweMove, my experience in customer service and communications helped me become the friendly agent that you know today. Someone once said to me “Be a nice person and do what you say you’re going to do”, and boy has that piece of advice held me in good stead.

People tell me they love our quirky brand, they love our humour and our passion for making homes sound like places you might actually like to live in. No boring “cardboard descriptions” here. But what they like most of all is our reliability. They love that I am their single point of contact, reachable out of hours and always ready to help.

There’s an art to selling houses and much of it is down to building relationships and trust (something you don't automatically associate with the world of estate agency). I really wanted to show people a better way to sell their homes, and in so doing I've made a positive difference to many people’s lives. And I always get them the best price - that’s a given!

About Grantham North

I’ve lived on the outskirts of Grantham for much of my life. I was raised in Bottesford and although I left the area to pursue my career when I was younger, I came back again to raise my own family in a nearby Vale of Belvoir Village. Now I live 10 minutes south of the town and spend most of my waking hours tootling around in “Ewenice” my branded car (make sure you wave when you spot me!), and helping people make their moving dreams come true.

I love Grantham. I’m a country girl at heart so I love that you can drive from the centre of Grantham and immerse yourself in rural countryside within minutes. I never tire of telling viewers that in this town it doesn’t matter where you live, there is ALWAYS a glimpse of the countryside. Grantham has excellent connections. It sits on the crossroads of the A1 and the A52 and the East Coast Main Line gets you to London in under an hour.

It has really great schools and it’s on the edge of the beautiful Vale of Belvoir with its canal side walks and lovely dining pubs.

When it comes to housing, Lincolnshire is one of the most affordable counties in England so you also get a lot more for your money. No wonder a large percentage of buyers are moving here from the overcrowded home counties. And it helps that the natives are super friendly!

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