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High Wycombe Estate Agents

Hello! Great to meet you, I'm Edward- your local personal agent. Let me introduce myself... After 15 years working in sales and customer service for one of the country's biggest technology retailers, I decided to start my own sales and lettings agency in 2015. With a strong interest in residential property, a passion for my local area and a background in ensuring customers get both the product and service they deserve- it was a perfect fit. I love meeting new people and discovering ways in which I can help them, be that a homeowner looking to sell, a landlord needing to find an ideal tenant, a potential buyer hoping to move into the area or someone looking to rent their next home. I get great feedback from my customers because I'm hard working, professional and honest. They can trust what I say and they can rely on me to always do my best for them.

About High Wycombe

Like so many people seem to do, we moved out to the area from the London suburbs when our children were small (way back in 2004!). At the time the main attractions were the schools and the strong transport links. House prices are also good value compared to many similar areas around the M25. Having now spent over a third of my life as a South Buckinghamshire resident, I can say with genuine conviction that I absolutely love the place! My favourite thing has got to be all the amazing countryside along with the market towns and pretty villages. If you love the outdoors then there is so much to enjoy, and all the hills make for some truly spectacular views - something that I never grow tired of. Personally, I think that High Wycombe is a great town to live in, with a healthy balance of history and modernity. It's not too big so it's easy to get to know and to get around. The town centre is thriving, with lots of successful small businesses and plenty of the big national chains, so we're really well catered for when it comes to shopping and eating out. As well as the Eden shopping centre, we've got the Wycombe Swan theatre, a large Cineworld and an Empire cinema, some gorgeous local parks with The Rye and Hughenden Park and a fantastic modern sports facility, the Wycombe Leisure Centre. The schools are still a real attraction for families moving to the area, and the surrounding countryside of the Chiltern Hills is really quite special.
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