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North Finchley Estate Agents

I have worked and lived in Finchley for over 35 years. I absolutely love the area, especially the large array of diverse shops on the high street. No matter who are, or where you're from, you'll be at home in Finchley! It's a real community here. I love it. Who am I? Just a friendly, family man really. I love to help the people of Finchley, and there's nothing I love more than putting myself out there for people. Anytime you have a question about property, or the housing market. Just stop me in the street, or say hi in the shop. I'm always happy to help. I've worked in property since 2006, I'm actually a landlord as well as a business owner! So I know how to look after my (and yours) tenants! I'm born and raised in Finchley, and my knowledge of the area is second to none. New to Finchley? I'll give you the grand tour!

About North Finchley

There's nowhere quite like Finchley, the ability to go from a high street full of life, to walking on a long nature path is out of this world! I enjoy the large range of local restaurant choices and cafes which always provide high levels of quality and local service with a smile. Want access to London? Just take the northern line straight into the city. A massive advantage for many individuals, whether they're working in London, or simply want to see the sights. Finchley also has the large advantage of the A405 main highway link, which allows you to wiz to different areas with ease. There are so many amazing primary and secondary schools located across Finchley, with 'Outstanding' Ofsted ratings. It really is the perfect town for anyone, a young family, teenage children, or even young professionals and older couples.
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