Need a More Secure Sale?
It's true auctions aren't right for every property, but they might be right for yours. They can offer a more secure alternative to traditional sales which is quicker and cheaper for you.

Which homes are perfect for Auction?

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Very Popular Properties

Is your home highly sought after? Instead of having to disappoint people, let them all have a go at winning your amazing home with our highly secure, 100% transparent bidding platform.
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Probate Estates

Organising affairs can be incredibly stressful, hit fast-forward by putting the property up for auction. Guaranteed sale within 56 days.
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High Value Homes

Finding a buyer for multi-million pound homes is hard, some of these buyers streamline their time by purchasing through auctions when they aren't based in the UK.
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Is your property in desperate need of some TLC? Save yourself time and money by putting it up for auction and opening it up for investors.
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Sell With No Fees In Just 56 Days And Enjoy These Benefits

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Competitive Bidding Drives Up The Price

Perhaps the best part of auctions is getting all your keen buyers in one room, and having them compete for your property.
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Avoiding Stress

The most stressful part of selling your house is not knowing if you'll find a buyer, and thinking you'll be left on the shelf forever. Auctions offer a more secure way to find a ready buyer!
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Prevent A Collapsed Sale

In the rare case that your sale does fall through, you keep the deposit! It's win/win.
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No Sale Fees

The fees for auction get paid by the buyer, which means you have no agency fees when selling through the modern method of auction. You can save thousands…
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